Type Big

Have silent conversation via highly visible text that automagically resizes to maximize screen space.

Presentation Mode

Communicate unobscured. Fill the screen with your message, keyboard free.

Fonts and Colors

Personalize Font color and Background color by choosing from a simple curated list.

Your Devices, Your Orientations, Your Workflow

Designed for iPad® Split Screen & Slide Over — communicate your way AND be productive. – iPhone®, Pad®, and iPod touch® — make the most of your screen size!

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and App Store are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

Edit in Place

Simplified and natural, direct editing saves time. Your message is always visible and unobstructed.


Fast access to your most frequently used phrase with customizable order.


Review past phrases to recall a prior conversation. Easily reuse a phrase or quickly make it a Favorite.

Quick Clear

Conveniently sized and located clear button enables rapid conversion.